Monday, May 31, 2010

Artist Case Study

And some Non-Objective Art
Esther Stocker"Masking foil on window"
The enveloping of space..

"Good night, sleep tight"

"Abstract thought is a warm puppy"
"Nothing could be done - men were only men, and space was their eternal enemy"
And more..
Terry Haggerty



A gallery presenting simply the visual elements of line, shape, colour, form, and texture. Captures an objects immutable intrinsic qualities rather than external appearance. Openness and freedom of expression. A Blank canvas.

This Gallery aims to eliminates the preconceived ideas of what is art, making it accessible to all. It critically balances different levels of artistic experience to sustain and integrate new ideas, through exhibiting established and emerging artists together, therefore relating to the broader international spectrum.

The building should not detract from the ideas within nor have a strictly defined parameter because, like non-objective art it is simply expressing non-representative forms and supporting the thoughts of what is found within.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Stair Seating

The idea of creating an amphitheatre like front was to help the public interact with the building. The division of double width stairs and normal stairs on the front facade encourages people to come and sit down whilst observing the passing happenings on the busy King street or absorbing the inspiring art surrounds. This is like an outdoor room which is integral to my concept of an open and welcoming public gallery.
Venice Bennenale, Gareth Hoskins Architects 'Gathering Space' - this design is for the banks of the river near a train station which like the Newtown site experience a large pedestrian flow.
And need I mention the famous Times Square Stairs...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Program Objective

Displays ideas and concepts representing young and upcoming artists as a means of generating dialogue across geographic, ideological, and disciplinary boundaries. Explores vital issues in art to increase public awareness and interest in contemporary design.

The front fa├žade is a series of wall panels that pivot vertically or horizontally, enabling the entire length of the building to open directly onto the street. Creates a larger spaces and the interior exhibitions blend with the exterior and interact with pedestrians passing by. A place where the dreams of independent artists can connect with visitors. Smaller more intimate gallery spaces.

This picture shows the approaching view for pedestrians as the are walking down King St.

Case Study: Spaces supporting innovation

Harajuku District TOKYO